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I once met an angel on Madison Avenue.

She didn’t look like an angel. She didn’t sound like one. She had no wings, only a grubby old coat and matted, thinning gray hair. But she was an angel, appearing in an unexpected place and an unexpected way. She irritated me. She smelled bad. And my first concern wasn’t what I could learn from her but moving on down the street to continue my walk unharrassed. Like most of us, I missed the point entirely. Angels never look the way we think they should. Angels, in fact, do not have wings. Do not sport brilliant halos. Angels look like school children and construction workers and policemen and bakers and farmers. They look like janitors and CEO’s and waitresses and garbage men. Looking like a vagrant is one of their favorite guises, and I should have known that. But an angel could also look like a gang member or a policeman. Whatever slips under our radar, that’s what they will use because their purpose is not to rule us or even to guide us but to do the will of He who sent them. Their mission is often simply to invoke His presence or to ask a question. If they appeared in a ball of flame with a choir singing, we’d surely tell them what we thought they wanted to hear, rather than answer honestly. For the honest answer, for the more meaningful lesson, an angel will most certainly appear in a guise we’d least expect. And, by the time we even realize they’ve been among us, they’re gone.

The notion that any church is fully stocked with angels is certainly a stretch. The fact is, there is no perfect church, only the imperfect made perfect by a Holy and perfect God. Relevant Word Ministries was founded upon the simple idea that, as Luke put it in the first chapter of Acts, Jesus “went about” doing good. The church exists for a purpose. The church exists for mission: to put hands and feet to the love of Jesus Christ and to tell the world about him.

Welcome to Relevant Word, a ministry of empowerment and teaching located in the heart of Colorado Springs. We are a bible-believing church that embraces the centrality of the Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, as the authoritative Word of God and the only sound basis for teaching, doctrine, and Christian conduct. We believe it is essential to the life of the Church that it be a company of people who want their lives to be shaped by the powerful and living Word of God.

Our online ministry is currently being updated. Check this page often for the latest news and information, shout outs and words of encouragement. We welcome you to visit with us Sundays at 11AM and Tuesdays at 9AM for our special weekly devotion. Questions? Call us anytime at 719-635-6640, or click here to email us. We look forward to worshipping with you!

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