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Ministries Directory

Bible School​
Facilitated by: Min. MelindaJoy Mingo

Relevant Word's Bible School's mission is to provide information and Christian growth through sound doctrine. Relevant Word provides a number of classes, groups and ministries that provide a wealth of knowledge and challenging dialogue on issues of spiritual, political and cultural importance.

Children's Ministry
Facilitated by: Nancy Bruno

The Children’s Ministry at Relevant Word focuses on nurturing children by equipping them with God’s Word to understand Who Jesus Christ is, His saving power and redeeming grace, develop life skills and tools for critical thinking, and promote good health and the ability to mature socially.

The Cornucopia
Facilitated by: Min. Alfreda Jones

Welcome to the Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty), your refreshment stop. It offers an abundant supply of a variety of healthy refreshments such as juices, exotic teas, health bars, and other nutritious digestibles, along with books, tapes, T-shirts, CD’s and more!

Creative Arts
Facilitated by: Relevant Word

The Creative Arts Ministry at Relevant Word providesa unique experience of worship. This ministry takes gifts and talents that are typically viewed as worldly, such as dancing, rapping, spoken word, mime, etc., and utilizes them to glorify God. There are numerous opportunities to develop interests, skills, talents and God-given gifts in the Creative Arts Ministry.

Deacon's Ministry
Facilitated by: Relevant Word

The Deacons are the trusted stewards of the church. Persons of good character and strong faith upon whose shoulders rest the physical operation of the church. It is the Deacons' duty to shore up and oversee the needs of God's house and God's people, and to support and assist the Pastor and the ministerial staff so that they would be free to concentrate on seeing to the spiritual needs of the body of Christ.

Hospitality Ministry
Facilitated by: Min. Alfreda Jones

The Hospitality Ministry at Relevant Word is an essential expression of the church. It empowers men and women who have a passion to serve the opportunity to utilize their spiritual gifts (helps, discernment and administrative). The focus of this ministry is to create and promote an atmosphere which shows the love of Christ to our members and guests by welcoming them and making an impression such that visitors would want to return.

Media Ministry
Facilitated by: Maggie Williams

Relevant Word's Media Ministry serves the congregation by providing high quality recordings of our worship services and special events. We provide PowerPoint, sound tech and engineering, CD/DVD recording, multimedia/video production and editing, TV production, set and studio design.

Men's Ministry
Facilitated by: Pastor Promise Lee

The Men’s Ministry at Relevant Word is an active brotherhood that helps men understand and maximize their full potential. Camaraderie is developed among the men, from diverse backgrounds, as they encourage and assist each other to face the many challenges presented in our society.

Music Ministry
Facilitated by: Min. Alfreda Jones

The main goal of the Relevant Word Music Ministry is to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit through the ministry of praise and worship to glorify God and to flow in His will.

Pastoral Care
Facilitated by: Min. MelindaJoy Mingo

Pastoral care ministry is designed to meet the various needs of members within our congregation. This includes prayer, discipleship, bereavement, hospital and shut-in visitation, community resource identification and basic follow up with new members.

Usher Ministry
Facilitated by: Relevant Word

The Ushers Ministry at Relevant Wordplays a vital role in the church because it is one of the most visible ministries, especially on Sunday. This ministry team is made up of caring and professional men and women who serve as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord.

Seniors Ministry
Facilitated by: Relevant Word

Relevant Word's Seniors Ministry works to meet the unique needs of Colorado Springs Senior Citizens. We host weekly Christian Fellowships and Bible Studies, exercise classes and lunches. Minimum age for senior activities is 65 years. Bible Studies are open to everyone, regardless of age.

Women's Ministry
Facilitated by: Min. Alfreda Jones
The Women’s Ministry at Relevant Word Christian Cultural Center enhances women’s relationships with Christ. Women come together to support each other through this journey we call the Christian life. This ministry also helps women fulfill their God-given purposes while embracing social, economic, ethnic and cultural differences. Through the teaching of God’s Word, prayer meetings and interactive fellowships, empowerment is obtained by all.
Facilitated by: Relevant Word

Our Transportation Ministry exists to assist those who need assistance reaching the church. Simply call the church anytime to schedule a pick-up!

Youth Ministry
Facilitated by: Relevant Word

Our Youth Ministry’s purpose is to foster spiritual growth in youth and helping them realize their reason for existence through acknowledging God in their lives. Our youth program utilizes creative and interactive ways to share messages relevant to their developmen through mentorship, fellowship, life skills and activities “beyond the four walls” that serve to build positive and supportive relationships.

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