The Art of Fence Building

A compassionate and dedicated servant of God, Pastor Promise Lee is a fervent believer in the power of prayer and fasting. Pastor Lee will frequently speak for those who have no one to speak for them: indigent families who have lost loved ones, the lonely, the sick, the forgotten — people many other ministries have turned away from or neglected. Lee's calling is to the lost, to the neglected, to the abandoned. He often eschews the familiar patterns of more established ministries as he focuses on getting food and subsidy to the needy, counseling the troubled, and supporting families in crisis.


Current Role

As leader of Relevant Word, Pastor Lee emphasizes the need for and the benefits of prayer and meditation, praise, and worship. Lee underscores and reinforces every decision and every activity by invoking God's presence in them. 


A combination of resourcefulness, inventiveness, wit, drive, and an unshakeable faith mitigates many obstacles in the pastor's path. Pastor Lee has an air of confidence and fearlessness as he marches in a straightforward manner towards the mark of the high calling. Lee accomplishes things often through sheer strength of will and absolute dedication to his ministry.


The incredible story of Promise Lee’s life has been published in his newly released book, Pardoned, which is soon to be captured as a film. Pastor Lee has accomplished more in the short time Relevant Word Ministries has been organized than many larger ministries have done in four decades. Dismissing warnings that things can't be done, Lee simply does them. If you need a fence, build a fence.


In so doing, Pastor Lee and the Relevant Word family have built a solid, anointed, and impressive foundation for what will certainly become one of the area's leading ministries. With new thinking and new execution of new revelation, Pastor Lee — going from the pulpit to the hospital, from the Home Depot to the streets, from the highways to the funeral homes to the mark of the high calling — continues to be a major influence and leader in this community. There is not a finer example of the redeeming power of hope in Christ.